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Eagle Ordinary

Way to enforce the stereotype, Karl

Revisting the past

As mentioned before, this is all more or less based off a game we (the authors and I) played together. At the time I barely knew them, and as a strange outsider I did my best to ply them with occasional doodles of things that happened in game. I've had the recent pleasure of re-drawing some of these things, albeit in a more narrative context.

I'll post some of these early sketches now and then as we catch up to them (or pass them by, since quite a bit got written out.) I'd never woulda have thunk that I might have sunk so much time or money into this eventually back then.

The first sketch I'd ever done of Holt

I didn't quite understand how short he was back then.

March 7th, 2016, 8:39 am
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March 7th, 2016, 8:51 am

Ain't no warb like Onyl Warb.

March 8th, 2016, 8:59 am

@Amadius: In deh girm daknessy of te faf fudure....

March 7th, 2016, 11:04 am

"from our a Merovech scout" - third panel

The 'our a' needs to be fixed.

March 7th, 2016, 11:06 am

@Drink: good catch! I'll fix that up after work.

March 7th, 2016, 1:34 pm

Ah the administratum and it's branches. Truly the best and worst of the imperium.

March 7th, 2016, 5:29 pm

@C0Mmander: Don't worry I sure they're good hands after all, you can surely trust someone who has to make you sign a paper in order to allow you talk to them which is about 4 pages of paper work.

March 7th, 2016, 10:07 pm

@LordOfWar867: Hey don't laugh about that! You never know if someone would be using this unmarked speech time to cast a spell of some sort. With paperwork we now have a proof of these potential actions.

March 8th, 2016, 4:48 pm

@C0Mmander: What you think I was joking. Without paper work how can we make sure we inform the next of kin that their family member died in the service of the emperor. It's also important to keep tract of everything, less the heretics try to spread lies about the most loyal regiments.

March 7th, 2016, 10:17 pm

So could we get a full body shot of that ordinate? I would really like to know what's going on with those pants and boots.

March 8th, 2016, 9:12 am

@C0Mmander: She's actually an abhuman mermaid, that's why she looks so weird.

March 8th, 2016, 10:13 am

@C0Mmander: I'm trapped on my phone ATM so Ivan only give you a screenshot, but here, have some concept sketches from our design doc. http://imgur.com/Ku4wufW

March 8th, 2016, 9:10 am

I really like this comic. In other stories, one sees the Tau rushing and firing in droves, but so far, we've only seen one sole Tau among the rebels. It's really funny how the Tau in this story are so different from the typical fire warrior grunts that we see in other instances.

How many remaining forces does the Imperium have in this tale?

March 8th, 2016, 10:18 am

There's 6 different regiments (if you count Brinton and Karl's as one, they're sister regiments) and the rogue trader's forces. But the remaining guard regiments have had their leadership destroyed and their forces scattered, so it's a great big clusterfuck.

March 8th, 2016, 4:36 pm

@peachpunk: Are you going to ever give us a list of what regiments are in this and their regiment info/history also like their stats as well?

March 8th, 2016, 5:45 pm

@LordOfWar867: That's the next stop for me in the troops page I think. I'm still planning out how it needs to look. At the moment I have to plan for adepticon, but I would expect to see something there in about two or three months or so.

March 8th, 2016, 3:44 pm

Juniors squad sure is... eccentric.

March 11th, 2016, 10:34 am

@Nomad: Eccentric, wacky, dangerously incompetent, yeah somewhere in that range.

March 9th, 2016, 8:15 am

Brinton and Tallon make for a cute couple don't they.

March 11th, 2016, 10:33 am

@C0Mmander: Talon/Brinton ship names? Brinlon or Talton?

March 10th, 2016, 12:35 pm

(Ah, wonderful, the Rogue Trader with clandestine intentions and likely a ruthless streak controls the air and has got a huge ground force present, and we already know his people are willing to kill Guardsmen for these clandestine objectives... It's nice to know that you can always count on your own side to have a knife to your throat in the Imperium.

Also... 'Facepalm' at the Junior Commissar... ... really...)

March 11th, 2016, 7:01 am

The pain of finding a new webcomic. Reading through all of the existing content, and then having to join everyone else in waiting for the next installment..

March 11th, 2016, 10:19 am

@hedwerx: Thought of the Day: Prayer cleanses the soul, but pain cleanses the body

March 11th, 2016, 11:12 am

Karl really knows what's important out in the field, haha

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